• Check out by 10.30 am. Check in from 14.30pm and no later than 11.00pm.
  • Check in only in open space.
  • Guests should wear their masks during check in and at any other contact time with staff.
  • Staff are not allowed to operate without protective equipment (i.e. masks and gloves).
  • Medical kit in the hotel.
  • Local doctor in cooperation with the hotel, as per the government guidelines.
  • External guests are not allowed in the hotel.

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Room cleaning applies only when the guests are not in the rooms and includes in addition steam cleaning where applicable (e.g. furniture with wallpaper).
  • Linen changes and deep cleaning are changed to every 3 days. Towels and extra linen needed will be handled by the guest and received in a contact-free manner by staff.
  • Extra care for high risk areas (e.g. door handles).
  • Each room will be received by the guest with the appropriate signage, including the date of the deep cleaning.
  • Antiseptic devises in all common areas and in each room.

We removed the following:

  • decoration items (e.g. extra small pillows).
  • Magazines, menus, and any other item that can be used more than once.
  • Kettles
  • All mini-bar content.


Remote - contact breakfast served in your room.

Swimming pool

We have changed the arrangement of sunbeds and other furniture to ensure safe distance amongst guests. Behaviour will be monitored by our staff for compliance.